Corporate Health Workshops

Corporate Health Workshops

30-minute interactive health workshops, guaranteed to motivate and inform the audience. Caron provides easy take-home actions for self-care, that will inspire participants to try immediately. (delivered withing a 20-mile radius of Cardiff)

30-minute workshop topics: 

  • 'Hidden Sugars' Team Challenge
  • Quick fixes for an awesome sleep & managing stress
  • Fasting benefits for brain clarity, cell cleaning and fat loss
  • The 'Office Chair' Practical Longevity Test
  • Exercise smart in less time
  • Breakfast myths and Fat loss friendly foods
  • The best LIFE goal-setting exercise ever!

Success is an accumulation of little disciplines repeated everyday whether its for personal health - or business success.

Flexible to suit:  workshops can run back to back such as two in an hour or even half-day for up to six topics.

Offering the audience an entertaining and dynamic session, Caron will provide your audience with an array of cutting-edge actions based on the latest research,  that will assist them to perform and feel their best at home and in business.