Lose 10+lbs in 30 Days Challenge

30-days to lose 10+ pounds using my online FAST Health Transformation package. Group coaching to help motivate & support YOU to lose weight while learning simple science-based skills that you can easily weave into your life forever.

  • Category: November 2020 Lose 10+ lbs Challenge
  • Duration: 00:30 Hours


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We meet in a Facebook Group video call for 30 minutes a week and set some simple tasks. I follow this up with an email or text with simple actions you can apply to achieve your goal - and keep you accountable!

For example:

Task 1 - take a photo of your face ( and body) and keep it in an album on your phone.

Task 2 - Decide what time you will stop eating and drinking at night, so you can begin a 12-hour overnight fast (such as 8 pm to 8 am)