Meet Coach Caron

My Motto:
“A few simple disciplines practiced every day
= accumulated success
while a few errors of judgement repeated every day
=accumulated disaster”     - Jim Rohn

Hi there I'm Caron!
I help men and women to lose body fat and gain control of their health using my powerful,
time-saving F.A.S.T 50+ Transform System that I developed for myself to drop body fat and slow down aging.

I have 25 years experience working in the health industry and completed health coach certification in 2017.
I'm an Australian, now happily settled in the UK with my husband so we have more opportunities to travel -
it's a lifestyle goal we are proud to have achieved.

It was easy to stay slim and healthy when I was younger but fast forward to 2013 when I was turning 50,
I was working in an office, sitting for most of the day; my blood pressure was bordering on high and fat around my waist pushed me into the overweight category and I was becoming insulin resistant - heading towards diabetes 2.
I was ashamed of myself - I used to be a fitness coach!

I wanted to be proud of myself at 50 - not embarrassed and out of control.

I had reached that critical point where I made the decision to take action and figure out how to drop the fat
and prevent the lifestyle diseases my parents had developed. (My dad had a triple bypass/heart disease at 51!).

I discovered powerful methods such as intermittent fasting, that are free and easy to sustain and I quickly became as healthy and fit as I ever was. I then became a health coach so I could share my transformation system with others.

My personal success became the inspiration for my FAST 50+ Transformation System where I help you rapidly lose fat and reset healthy habits so you can regain body confidence and control. 

I have awesome time-saving tools you can incorporate FAST
so contact me for a free 20-minute strategy call to get started. 
Caron x