Sleep: Our Neglected Superpower

19 Nov

The 21st century is wreaking havoc on our sleep quality and seriously messing with our genetic makeup. 

'Screen time' is disrupting our 'sleep-time' like never before:

  • Adults spending hours hunched over computers
  • Teens engaged in the 'fakeness' of social media deflating their self esteem
  • Preschoolers distracted by e-games instead of constructing and playing games
  • All of us staring at screens, way past sunset, when our ancestral body clock would normally kick in to wind down, stop eating and get ready for a good night's sleep

Human beings evolved over a million years to spend one third of our life sleeping! 

Surely that means its important!

New Research clearly indicates that we need a 'good night's sleep' to wash our brains of toxic protein build-up, provide essential nutrients and process all of the activity we experience when we are conscious. 

Over the next few episodes I will share with you tips on how to awaken your own sleep superpower so you can:

  • Increase your daytime energy
  • burn fat while you sleep
  • wake up with fresher skin,hair, nails,
  • repair pain and inflammation
  • improve mental clarity
  • have children who thrive and are centered

A Good Night's Sleep Tips

 #1 - "The Kitchen Is Closed" commit to stop consuming calories two hours before sleep

#2 -  Ideal bedroom temperature for sleep is about 20 degrees Celsius/68 degrees Fhrt

Yours In Health

Caron x

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