5 FAST STEPS to reset your lifestyle and dramatically improve your health

07 Apr

Here are the first 2 steps based on my F.A.S.T formula and the latest science that can easily be weaved into you busy day.

Step 1: Fast  for a minimum of 12 hours every day 

Step 2: Limit highly processed food (especially sugars/carbs)

Here's a brief summary of why these 5 steps will help you look better, feel better, think clearer and slow aging.

Step 1: Fast  for a minimum of 12 hours every day - Make this not negotiable to yourself!

Are you 'over-fed' and 'under-exercised'? 

Our ancestors rarely ate 12 hours a day! Our bodies are designed to spend time 'resting' not constantly 'digesting' food so it can perform an array of health-promoting functions - many while we sleep. 

Fasting 12+ hours induces AUTOPHAGY (means 'self-devour').

Autophagy allows every cell in our body to remove the rubbish including pre-cancerous cells and other toxins, while also recycling and cleaning the good parts! This leads to anti-aging and disease prevention benefits to name a few.
My mindset: fasting is not just about accelerating fat-burning, it also makes me younger, stronger and healthier!

YOUR ACTION: Choose a time at night to stop eating and drinking all calories. 

For example 8:30 pm and your going to bed about 10:30 pm. Commence eating/drinking calories at 8:30 am. You can have tea, coffee, water as long as they are not sweetened. No diet soda or artificial sweeteners as they are considered breaking your fast due to the tricks they can play on your body and health long term.

Step 2: Limit highly processed food (especially sugars/carbs)

Processed foods means the food has undergone chemical or mechanical operations to change or preserve it. If it comes in a packet, can sit on your pantry shelf more than a few weeks, it's processed. Many processed foods have carcinogenic oils (vegetable oil for example) and are high in toxic sugars and starches (such as high fructose corn syrup). 

Toxic oils and carbohydrates mixed together in processed 'carb-age' damage you at the genetic level... it's like throwing  kerosene on a fire. 

Plus eating too many sugary processed foods blocks fat-burning as insulin enters your blood to lower the sugar level which drives fat storage. 

Did you know that boxed cereal (like cornflakes) have many teaspoons of sugar even before you add milk and sugar?

YOUR ACTION: Aim to eat at least 10 different types of plant food per day.

For example: The daily meal plan below has at least 11 plant foods...

Breakfast: bacon, eggs with mushrooms and tomato (2 plant foods) 

Snack: apple or banana with a handful of nuts (2 plant foods)

Lunch: avocado, baby spinach, shallots, capers with tinned salmon (4 plant foods)

Snack: full-fat greek yogurt with fresh berries

Dinner: roast chicken, broccoli, garlic sweet potato, onions (4 plant foods)

The remaining steps in my F.A.S.T will be explained in another blog - here they are...

Step 3: Commit to 15 minutes a day of strength exercises or mindfulness

Step 4: Prioritise sleep - most people need at least 7 hours

Step 5: Go to bed and wake up at the same time each day

Caron x 

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