My #1 Health Tip

07 Jun

My unique F.A.S.T formula is based on the latest Nobel-winning science and only requires a few simple actions that you can easily weave into you busy day to begin to feel and see results.

When people ask me what's my #1 health tip? My answer is always the same: FAST for a minimum of 12 hours every day.

Most of us eat too much food over too many hours each day – ‘overfeeding’

Simply choose a time each night to stop eating and drinking all calories; for example, 8:30 pm stop eating/drinking then commence eating/drinking calories again at 8:30 am.

Our ancestors rarely ate 12 hours a day and our human physiology hasn’t changed for over 2 million years!

To promote fat loss, boost anti-aging and immunity, you need to reduce your ‘feeding window’

If you're constantly 'digesting' food (from the early morning to late night), you are not doing yourself any favours. Our bodies are designed to spend time 'resting' so it can perform an array of health-promoting functions - many while we sleep.

What can I have during my fasting window?

You can have tea, coffee, water (not sweetened). No diet soda or artificial sweeteners as they are considered breaking your fast due to the tricks they can play on your body and health long term.

An amazing benefit of Fasting 12+ hours is AUTOPHAGY (means 'self-devour').

Autophagy allows every cell in our body to remove the rubbish including pre-cancerous cells and other toxins, while also recycling and cleaning the good parts! This leads to anti-aging and disease prevention benefits to name a few.

Caron’s mindset on fasting “it’s not just about accelerating fat-burning, it also makes me younger, stronger and healthier!”

Yours in health,

Caron x


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